It started out quite innocently.

Just two silly college girls who came home for the weekend and were looking for something to do.

And then this happened.

I’m not sure what was spoken, but I’m sure it was pure evil and it prompted this.

Oh and then, it was war!

The war-dance of the trampoline.  End of Round 1-  Brettley’s down!

It’s highly possible that some name calling, prideful comments and heckling occurred here.  And that would be from the redhead in the hot pink shirt.

But her foe, in true Rocky form, rose again.

And she rose with a vengeance.

Hey Red! Remember that name you called me? 

Bad news for “Red”…

Run Kayla run!

Okay, you know you can’t run when you’re laughing that hard.

She valiantly fights…

Ding – and Round 2 goes to Brettley!

C’mon ya lily-livered chicken…get up!

But, alas, she can’t make it.

In fact, Round 3 never happened.

They were wiped out. 

Girls? Perhaps a little more exercising at college and less bags of candy in the dorm room would help?

It’s always entertaining when the girls come home from ORU.

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