Maples Barbecue


I have chased the Maples Barbecue truck down a few times. Sometimes it's not been where I can get to it in time and often it was sold out.  Thank goodness they now have a

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The Pritchard


Last Sunday Mr. Wonderful and I meandered over to the ever growing and popular Plaza District to have brunch at one of their newly opened eateries The Pritchard Wine Bar, whose name gives a nod

The Pritchard2017-11-28T13:44:36-05:00



Recently Mr. Wonderful and I took a Friday off together to do some planning for our Easter Egg Hunt for our granddaughters. I was glad to have a work day off because I'd been dying


The Beatnix Cafe


The Beatnix Café is an eclectic little café on the Southeast corner of NW 13th Street and Robinson Avenue (fronting on 13th Street) owned by my dear friend Sandra Ceballos. If you happen to walk

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Pie Junkie – Slices of Deliciousness


I had my first divine bite of a Pie Junkie pie a year or so ago at S & B Buger Joint. At the time I described them as "sinfully delectable pies".  I remember our

Pie Junkie – Slices of Deliciousness2014-09-13T23:16:53-05:00

Mama Sinmi’s Chop House – West African Cuisine


Friday at noon found me driving aimlessly around the Warr Acres/Bethany area in search of lunch. I wanted something different, but something reasonably healthy. I wandered in my SUV south down MacArthur Boulevard and glanced

Mama Sinmi’s Chop House – West African Cuisine2013-11-21T14:45:05-05:00

Crane Hollow Cafe


While we were in Estes Park for Spring break, we had to drive down the mountian one day because Mr. Wonderful had found us a Craigslist find - a car top luggage rack that would

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Mi Lindo Mazatlan Restaurante


A few weeks ago, I begged our friends Sandra and Noel to take us to this fantastic and authentic Mexican seafood restaurant they'd showed us pictures of on their phone - Mi Lindo Mazatlan Restaurante.

Mi Lindo Mazatlan Restaurante2013-11-07T11:29:38-05:00

Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill


Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill is located smack dab next door to Buffalo Wild Wings on NW Expressway. You might think that a little odd, that is, if you didn't know that Ed Lynn owned both restaurants.

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Cajun King Go For the Catfish


I have to admit to you that I am not a buffet fan. I don't care how good the food is when it's first cooked, sitting on a buffet for long tends to make it

Cajun King Go For the Catfish2013-01-31T09:32:25-05:00