French Creamy Mustard Chicken

Hey friends! Wow! Spring has kicked in around here and we’ve done what we usually do, migrate outside at every possible chance and putter in the garden, greenhouse. Somehow I’ve still managed to cook, and even made this French Creamy Mustard Chicken recipe in between but let me show you what’s been up around the […]

Grilled Honey Mustard GLazed Chicken Thighs

Okay grill people…this is for you and one of those quick week-night dinners that uses very few ingredients but is amazingly delicious. You already know I love anything honey mustard-like especially this recipe that I make in the oven. Summer begs for a grilled version so the scorching oven heat doesn’t have to compete with the […]

Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Two Dipping Sauces

Trying to eat healthy at our house is always a challenge. Everyone has a different palette. The Wonderful guy has to have meat at all meals and all of us girls are trying to eat healthy. The boy is just plain picky.  But last night we made this Asian Chicken Lettuce Wrap recipe and we all […]

Honey Mustard Chicken and Potatoes

  “Spring” and “Cleaning” tend to go hand in hand, and what better time to clean out your pantry than spring? This is one of those dishes that has already become a family favorite with us. It started with me scrounging around the pantry and refrigerator to see what we had on a night we sorely needed […]

Chicken Salad with Walnuts and Dried Cherries

Last summer I went to Michigan to visit my family. I love escaping the Oklahoma heat and heading up north to  temperatures in Michigan that are about 20 degrees cooler at times than here. While there we always spend an entire day at the Birch Run Outlet Mall, perhaps the most enormous outlet mall you’ll […]

Crunchy Baked Chicken – The Dish That Made Mr. Wonderful Put Away the Cheetos

This Crunchy Baked Chicken recipe is the bomb! When I made it last week, Mr. Wonderful pronounced loudly that he would eat this at least once a week. For you see, Mr. Wonderful has a “crunch addiction”. True story – the man will bring Cheetos to the table for all three meals of the day, […]

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Today starts the beginning of Chinese New Year! When translated, Chinese New Year means Spring Festival and is the first day of the Chinese calendar and runs to the 15th day or the Lantern Festival, something I think would be beauty to behold with children carrying chinese lanterns winking out their lights in the darkness […]