Simple Salad Garden in a Container

Salad garden in container

Good lord, I love to make salads but those giant boxes of beautiful greens you buy at the store can get quite expensive.

Maybe you don’t want to fuss over a big messy garden or maybe you live in an apartment, but the good news is you can plant a salad garden….

In a container.

Use a simple large pot like I did in the above picture, or get creative and use an old wagon, or vintage bicycle basket. The great thing about planting in a container is that you can extend your cool growing season for lettuce by moving the pot into a shady area away from the hot blazing summer sun.

All you need is good bag of potting soil and a packet of seeds.  Lettuce grows very quickly. The spring mix I plant in my garden is ready to start eating within a few short weeks.

The salad I planted above has spinach and kale. As it grows, pick the outer leaves to keep it from getting too big.  Snip spring mix leaves with scissors in the early morning close to the plants crown.

So grow ya some lettuce and have fun!

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    You have inspired me! I have an Aerogarden that I usually use for growing greens, but have always wanted to do it in the summer and outside. But it gets so HOT here that the lettuce bolts. I’ll try a smallish pot, and will move it into the shade when it becomes scorching (as it will this afternoon, sigh). Seed shopping! My favorite!

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