Short and Sweet – A Thought Process About Friends


I believe I. titled this post most appropriately as I think it should be the quote we all adopt when we have a last minute thought about inviting friends over.

The thought in our head should be to adopt a “short and sweet” mentality.

If you have a bit of a planning/organizing mind like myself, you might be tempted to go with “heck no” instead, but Sunday night I learned the beauty that comes from “short and sweet”.

Kelly, who you might remember from some of our women of Oklahoma blogger get-togethers (like this one), invited us all out to her place for an impromptu BBQ/bring a side-dish event.

I’m so glad Kelly went with “short and sweet”, when the idea hit her instead of “heck no” because had she gone with the latter, we would have been robbed of a “short and sweet” evening. TOO short, I might add for this group of mighty worded women to even go beyond one mere thought. Bloggers tend to have a lot of mighty words they need to get out and when we get together, well, conversations could go on and on and on. And stay interesting to boot!

When we get together, I am always amazed at the forthcoming of honesty, wit, beauty and insight I leave with. It’s such an honor to be their friend. I truly love you Marie, Rose & Kelly. What would our lives have been like had we not started blogging and met each other?

Incidentally, our hubbies met for the first time at this gathering, although some had met one or twice over the course of time. Bravo to them for allowing us women our “short and sweet” time together (read more about that over at Rose’s post).

Next time I have that fleeting thought to invite someone, I will remember that night, the laughs, insights and the food, oh YES, the food! It’s always fabulous. Kelly made jerk chicken that was swimming in a freezer bag of habenero, herbs and spices when we arrived. Rose brought Uoside Down Cake, and Marie added chocolate to Oatmeal Lace Cookies (yumm!) I brought my Strawberry Salad with Poppyseed Dressing, and here in Oklahoma, hotlinks are always a staple at BBQ’s (which makes for an interesting feeling in your tummy later on that evening).


Excuse my less-than-par photos as I brought my camera, but sadly left my memory card at home. The iPhone always comes through though!

So the next time you have a spur-of-the-moment desire to sociale, remember….short and sweet thought processes are the best kind.

*It doesn’t matter if your house is perfect.

*You don’t need a lot of planning time and Pinterest perfect decorations.

*Do it potluck and it’ll be a joy!

Read more about Kelly, Rose and Marie by visiting their blogs at:

OK Roserock
The (Not Always) Lazy W
Red Dirt Chronicles

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    You and Mr. Wonderful are such a joy to be around. I look forward to more get togethers sooner, rather than later! Thanks for all your kind words of encouragement and I so admire all the many talents that you share with the world. :)

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    Dear Katie – the missing blue bag from your fun, fun game (that your husband made!) is now in my briefcase. Just say the word and I’ll run it over to your place of employment on my lunch hour…even tomorrow! Bless you for “saying YES to impromptu” nights. And for encouraging more of that “let it go and be glad” behavior. Peace and love, Kelly

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