I was going through my old pictures today, and I found this one.

It’s my German Grandpa and Grandma Seifert’s wedding picture.  They were married December 1, 1918 in Mayville, Michigan.  I got the picture from my mom years ago when I made a family cookbook for all my aunts and cousins of our cherished family recipes.

Isn’t it adorable?  I cleaned it up a little and brightened it using Lightroom.


My Grandpa looks so young.  And that little white tie he’s sporting? SO GQ! I love the white on white look.  Something about his hairstyle reminds me of the Big Boy restaurant guy.

My Grandma -just look at that beautiful outfit she’s wearing.  The headdress, the flowers around her neck.  The darling little white pumps.  Can someone tell me why people in old pictures never smile?

I am actually named for my Grandma Seifert – her name was Katharina and she went by Katie.  I think it’s a pretty name – Katharina.  Sounds like a ballerina or a queen doesn’t it?

Anyway, I just love this picture.  Now that I’ve pulled it out, I have to frame it and put it somewhere.  It’s just too special.


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