Many of you already know that my daughter Kayla (a sophmore in college)  is in India for 40 days on a worship missions trip.  We won’t have cell phone contact with her during that time, partly because they don’t want the kids distracted by texting, talking on the phone, etc. and to focus on their mission.

Partly because it would cost nine million dollars a minute or something like that, for her to call.

Here are a few of the pictures her friend Brettley has been sending…I am commenting blind on these basically becaue they are just posting them on Facebook with no explanation.

I don’t know if this is sun up or sun down?

But it sure is pretty!

This one confused me, because our girls had to buy head coverings to fit in with the customs over there, but apparently midrif is allowed?

The lady is strangely beautiful to me tho…

I know the girls have been hanging out on the roof at night and winding down and talking.  I’m guessing this is a picture from their roof.  Lovely

I love this shot.  Why don’t us Americans ride bikes more?  We’d sure be a lot thinner.

I have no idea who this man is. It appears he’s praying?   To whom?

Here is a quote from Kayla’s latest e-mail that makes me ask that question. 


It is like the BIBLE TIMES here. That’s seriously what i think about when we drive down the streets in India. You can be driving and look to your right, and there is a  pyramid shaped temple to worship their “gods”.

Like when you think about the old testament, and how people made statues and big towers and temples of all colors, that’s how it is here. When we went to a home yesterday where all the kids whose dads and moms are pimps or prostitutes.  Up on a hill behind the home was a HUGE temple where people journey to worship their gods together. It’s just so crazy, because you don’t see that in America and don’t think it still exists in the world today.

My daughters heart is being changed a little each day. And she had a pretty big heart to begin with.

I know mine is being changed just reading about her experience.

I miss her more than I can tell you. And to add to the equation, tomorrow is her 19th birthday.

But what a memorable birthday it’s going to be for my little girl over in India.

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