Paseo Grill – Restaurant Review

January 19, 2010Katie

2909 Paseo Dr Ste A

Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Phone 405.601.1079
Dollar Factor $$$$
Yum Factor:  ****

So Saturday night was Girls’ Night Out/In.   Paseo Grill was our local fare of choice.  Located in the Paseo Arts District, it was perfect for a dozen crazy women looking for fab food and a night out on the town.

I left the memory card to my camera at home, so sadly, no pictures on this review.  But, I would be sadly remiss in not describing the atmosphere that Paseo Grill brings to you.

When you walk in the door, it is kind of a strange set-up.  You enter the door, face a wall square-on and walk down a narrow entry and around a corner to find the Hostess.  This hallway opens up to a bevy of tables built into the wall, and each table is covered with a gauzy curtain.  Each party seems to have its own private room that way.  Very hip for a romantic night out with your hunny or a private party with a group of friends.  There are also randomly placed reading glasses on the table due to the dark atmosphere which are helpful.

The Appetizer menu is an ecclectic blend  of choices, with everything from Hummus ($7), to Tuna Tartar ($12) to a wonderful Cherry Wood Smoked Salmon with Hearts of Palm and Artichoke Medley ($11).  Something for everyone.  And in Oklahoma, you need something for everyone.  We is an ecclectic bunch, we Okies.

Their wine menu also has a wide selection of choices as does their drink menu.

Our waiter, bless his heart for having to part through many a gauzy curtain to take our order, was very knowledgeable about the menu and specials for the day.  For dinner, I choice the Fresco Chicken Farfalle ($17).  This consisted of  farfalle (bowtie) pasta tossed with sautéed  chicken, hearts of palm, proscuitto, mushrooms, artichokes hearts, and parmesan cheese tossed  in a champagne cream sauce.  The dish was heavenly and skimped on none of the above ingredients.  I was a happy camper.

My friend Julia ordered the Crab and Avocado Salad ($13) which was jumbo lump crab meat and avocado served with a parmesan crisp and mixed greens drizzled in lemon vinaigrette. It was garnished with fried capers, basil, red bell peppers and red onions.  I tasted it, and thought it was okay, but not fabulous for all that was in it.

Several of the girls ordered the Chicken Saltimbocca ($21).  Some had been to Paseo before and raved about it.  It didn’t disappoint and they were very pleased.

Interestingly enough, one of my co-workers was there that evening trying out the food for her daughter’s wedding.  Paseo Grill caters, and even though they didn’t have Mexican on the menu, they served them samplings of a variety of Mexican-themed fare that she thought was very good. This is something to take note of for future thought!

Two of the ladies ordered the daily special which was a filet mignon and were very pleased with the way it was cooked.  In fact, I don’t think I heard a complaint from our party at all.

I have a a friend who highly recommends both the duck and the pot pie at Paseo.  Pot pie is made daily and when it runs out, you’re out of luck though so plan accordingly!

Complimentary dessert was served in tiny parfait glasses with fresh berries and real whipped cream.

Due to the cold, we couldn’t take advantage of the cute patio offered outside, but really, the curtained tables are so cool, I’m not sure if I would have anyway!

Our experience overall was great.  I would definitely go back to Paseo Grill.  I think I’ll drag Mr. Wonderful along next time for something special.  I’d like to get him alone at our own table behind a curtain!

Been to Paseo? What were your thoughts? Please leave a comment below!

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  • catherine lowe

    January 21, 2010 at 2:13 am

    Mmmm, sounds yummy. Can't wait to try it myself. Thanks for posting it! Cathy

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