I am a super proud Mama.

My oldest daughter graduated from college.  There she is across the football field from us.

Not “just” graduated but graduated Magna Cum Laude. 

I had to look up what that meant, as I hadn’t been to college in awhile.

Magna Cum Laude is a Latin term for “great honor”. She had a 3.78 grade point average, which in college is truly something to be proud of.

Here she is waiting to go onstage to get her diploma.

And now she’s next in line…

And this is the point when 3 rows of friends and family stood up and screamed our fool heads off.

And just like that…4 years of hard work, countless hours of homework and studying and driving back and forth to Weatherford on the weekends was over.

Her besties were there for her as they’ve been since grade school.

As she walked across the field to us afterward, a million thoughts raced through my head.

Remember when she used to have no hair until she was two, and then I pulled it back in little pony tails and curled them?

Remember when I took her to Kindergarten and cried all the way home on that first day?

Remember when I took her to middle school and was horrified at how old and “hoochie” some of the 8th grade girls looked?

Remember the first day I took her to high school and she almost hyperventilated in the car from anxiety?

Remember the first day of college, when I moved her into her dorm?

I reflected over this all as I lost myself in these beautiful cupcakes that I baked and my Mother-in-law decorated later at a gathering at the house.

And I swear all of that happened last week…

And now she’s done with school, an adult and will soon be moving out, and going on to adulthood things like a career and a family.

Tori with her Papa and Nanny


What’s a mom to do I tell you?

I love you Tori.  And I’m so proud of you.

Happy Graduation!

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  1. Congratulations to you and your family. Magna Cum Laude is something incredible. ( My son took Latin for 2 years). Our oldest is off to college this coming fall. I can already feel the pride you must feel. Yay, from TX.
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