Usually in this world, you are kind of limited to your own little corner of it.  You are limited to friendships through chance encounters in your area,  or sometimes you help orchestrate meeting your “type” of people by choosing the places you go or the things you do.

As a blogger, you are opened up to a whole world of friendships for the world-wide-web reaches practically everywhere.  One could argue that friendships could even stand a better chance through the web because typically you seek out and read and converse with people with common interests, hobbies and beliefs.

You also get a look at the true depth of their thoughts and feelings.  I mean, how many times do you walk up to a friend at home and spew out some deep philosophical thought that you may have had tooling around up in your ove-ractive brain for quite awhile?

Some bloggers pour out many things about their lives, while others send out only the most vital statistics they find to be worthy.

One thing is for sure – it’s a colorful world – this web that links us together across states, countries, nations and the world.  And it’s a beautiful way to get a perspective on the world as well. It breaks you out of your own little “tunnel-visioned” world. I’ve found friend on here that may not fit into the box of what I consider correct-living, but are big-hearted and have something to offer that might actually make me look at things through a different lense.

I just know that I have met some truly wonderful people.

At the end of each blog post, there is a section for comments.  By leaving comments on each other’s posts, I have met so many interesting friends through blogging and hope someday to actually meet them in person! Let me introduce you to a few that have touched my world.

Cheryl of Prarie Maid.  She brings tales of baby goats, life away from the city, and some truly inspirational writing.  Oh yeah, she is the the kindest person you will ever meet.  She has a huge heart and loves to direct praise to others.  In the world of blogging, where many simply are trying to direct traffic to their own blog, Cheryl relishes in directing you to others.  Check her site out also for some great tips on how to save a buck!

Mikki at The Not So Perfect Housewife.  She is going through the gluten-free journey in her household.  She gives book reviews, and also lets you know about some good deals in shopping.  She keeps it real by letting you know it’s okay to burn dinner every once in awhile!  She also has a wonderful faith journey that she’ll take you on with her from time to time.

Last, but not least, hop on over to Bunnygoround where Bunny has a beautiful article on adopting a young boy from Kenya.  She was inspired by another great blogger – Ryan, a tatooed minister from This Is Reverb who is on a mission trip there currently.

It’s pretty cool the you meet on the WWW.

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