Leftover Baked Potato Hash

April 8, 2012Katie

This week during our youth small group that meets at our home we had a baked potato bar.

This always results in one sure thing. LOTS of leftover baked potatoes.  For as you probably know, you are far better off having leftover baked potatoes than not enough baked potatoes.  Baked potatoes, done properly take about an hour to make, so if you’re left short, you either go without or you microwave them.  And microwaved baked potatoes just aren’t the same.

So this morning, Mr. Wonderful chopped them up finely along with a pablano pepper, and a red pepper and about a half of a red onion.  We tossed them into a little leftover sausage grease we had left from the breakfast sausage we had cooked, added a sprinkle of salt and a light dusting of cracked black pepper and on last moment’s notice, a smidge of garlic powder.

I was baking an egg casserole to go with them and we were taking the whole mess up to church to feed our praise and worship team.  After heating them up on the stove for a about 10 minutes I just popped them into the oven and let them roast while the casserole baked.

The result was scrumptious.  The sweetness of the red pepper and purple onion played nicely with the bit of heat from the poblano pepper.

So, next time you have some leftover baked potatoes? Try this…you’ll be glad you did!

Katie’s  Printable Recipe – Skillet Hash Brown Potatoes

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