My folks are here from Michigan. It’s mid-November and we’ve had the most glorious fall ever.

By that, I mean it’s actually lasted more than a week.

Sunday, we took advantage of the beautiful day and went outside to rake leaves.

My dad used the blower and blew things into a general area.

Mom, Kayla and I raked them into large piles.

The boy mowed up the stragglers.

And I might add, he looked mighty joyful about doing it too.

Even the dogs joined in.

Although, they really didn’t contribute a whole heck of a lot.

Incidentally, a white dog and wet leaves tend to make for a messy face.

Then it was time to bag them…but we opted for a better solution.

One spunky redhead in a giant trash bin can pack in a lot of leaves.

I truly, truly love fall.

Especially while they work, and I take the pictures.

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