July and a Month Filled with Weddings

July 25, 2011Katie


This month has been crazy around our house.  Three out of four weekends were filled with weddings.  Three of our nephews got married (one was actually my cousins son).  One involved us traveling to Michigan.

By car.

Eighteen hours one way.

Did I mention with three kids and two dogs IN the car?

Two of the weddings were in Mr. Wonderful’s stomping grounds – Wichita Falls, Texas.  Right now in Texas, it looks as if it’s winter, the ground is so scorched and there is no green grass to be seen.  Over a solid month’s worth now of 100 degree plus days have us a little cranky.

We’re tired of burning the backs of our legs each time we get in our cars.   We’re tired of our flower and vegetable gardens dying after so many hours of love laboring over them back before we were began to refuse to go outside.  This is what our bushes we planted last fall look like:

We’re tired of trying to cool off in swimming pools only to find they feel like tepid bath water.  We want to return to the good ol fresh air again as we’ve been holing up in air-conditioning for a month straight.  Reality TV shows are becoming even more boring and Kayla has even inspired me to try my hand out at my sewing machine again.

That’ll be short-lived.  Me and sewing machines have a hate-hate relationship 98% of the time.

Anyway, back to the weddings.  One thing I love…love…LOVE is the look on the groom’s face as he waits for the love of his life to appear.

I also love it when everyone is straining to look backward for when the bride finally appears.  And then she does, usually on the arm of her daddy, but always looking radiant and gorgous…and OH!  Those dresses are sooooo beautiful!


Then to watch the adoration on the groom’s face when they do finally make that long walk towards them.


And one of my favorite parts of weddings is when the little kids appear.


This little guy is Mr. W’s nephew’s son Cade..and he is just a scrumptious little piece of work…I just want to squeeze him!

All the boys in Mr. W’s family looked like this as children and I picture him looking just like this as a little boy.

Or how about when the groom gives his new Mom-in-Law flowers or the bride does the same?


It always reduces even the most stoic of women like me to a gurgling, sniffling mess of tears.

I love to grab Mr. Wonderful’s hand during weddings. It always makes me sentimental.  It reminds of the day we got married in my sis-in-law’s backyard amidst our very best friends and family.  Oh, and about one hundred of the teenagers we have worked with over the years that crashed the party uninvited, but most welcome in the end.

It makes me remember how I vowed to love him forever.

Even when he rearranges my kitchen shelves and I can’t find anything.  Even when he wakes me four times during the night, unexplicably laughing in his sleep.  Even when he blows his nose loudly in the bathroom in the morning when I’m trying to sleep in.

Even when he tries to dance to a hip hop song with his niece who’s 30 years younger in a red wedding vest he stole off the best man.


In fact, especially then.

Oh lordy, he’s gonna hang me for that one.

Watching young couples exchange vows, always makes me just remember I love him for better and worse.

I just love him.

Happy wedded life to Ben and Brittany, Blaine and Ricka and Daniel and Brittany.

I hope in 6 years, you’re still in love as we are…and for a long time afterward.

And may you always eat cake!


  • Cheryl Jones

    July 28, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    Love it, love it. Cracked me up about my lil brother (especially his 'worse' picture). I'm so happy you two have each other. Enjoyed the weddings too.

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