So, I have a question.

Is Christmas Caroling a lost art?

When I was a teenager, our youth group used to travel to shut-ins, or elderly people who could no longer leave their homes due to illness or disability.

The joy on these folks’ faces as they opened their door, was incredibly rewarding.  Even thought I grew up in Michigan, and caroling could be incredibly chilly and there may be several feet of snow, we gladly bundled up and performed this each year because:

#1 It was fun getting away from the TV and traipsing around with your friends, piling into cars and caravaning all over town.

#2 It brought us joy to bring joy to other people.

#3 Sometimes the elderly ladies invited us in for hot chocolate and cookies.

Okay, that last one was a little light on serving and giving on our part, but the point is….I miss caroling!

Would my youth small group look at me like I’d grown a third arm if I suggested it?

Is caroling a lost art?

Perhaps stuck in an era…

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