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June 6, 2012Katie

I have no idea why I haven’t posted about Iron Starr Urban Bar-B-Q until now. Our family loves this place.

Especially my blondie daughter. She raves about the side dishes here…especially the Mac N Cheese.  So it would make sense that for her last birthday we gathered here to celebrate.

I love the feel and vibe inside of Iron Starr as well.   The eatery is named for Belle Starr, “The Queen of the Oklahoma Outlaws”, who was an educated pianist and graduated from a prestigious Missouri female academy her father helped to found. Somehow the silver spoon in Belle’s mouth didn’t satisfy here and soon Belle, who hung with the James brothers (Jesse James) for a time,  married a Cherokee Indian named Sam Starr with whom she helped organize and fence for horse thieves and bootleggers in the late 1800’s. This black velvet dressed lady rode side saddle with two pistols and a cartridge belt across her lap.

The thievery trade didn’t come easy for Belle.  She was tried and convicted of horse thievery and did some time in my old stomping grounds – Detroit, Michigan, before returning to Oklahoma.   Two days before she was to turn 41, Belle was ambushed  in Eufala, Oklahoma, and was shot and killed.  The murder remains unsolved to this day, and oh yes,  the suspects include her kids and her 2nd husband.  This was one ornery woman I tell ya!

Just a little Oklahoma history (if you’re wondering what in the world this has to do with food).  Iron Starr has a rustic-retro feel complete with a hammered copper bar counter, wood floors and brick walls.

There is so much to talk about at Iron Starr.  There are the meats, and they are smokey and yummy. Many love the ribs, and the brown sugar cured chopped brisket. I love the natural smoked turkey breast.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Iron Starr has some wonderful southwest style appetizers.  Charred Jalapeno on toast anyone? Or how about Mama’s Deviled Eggs or Bacon Wrapped Quail Breast?  I’ve tried all three, and they are so good…. but anymore?

I can’t eat it all so I just head into one of the Smoked Meat plates.

I love little touches when I dine out…and steamed lemon scented towels are always nice.


To start out, Iron Starr has a great side salad that comes as one of the side choices.

I’m not a big fan of salads without anything to them and Iron Starr’s has cheese, tomatoes, red onions and cornbread croutons on theirs.

Now, pretty much what you’ll see next are my family’s orders.  I can’t remember who ordered what, but everyone pretty much orders the chopped or sliced brisket, or the ribs.   Although, sometimes Mr. Wonderful orders the Burger, which he  loves and involves something called “Jalapeno Chow Chow” on it.

The meats are all delicious. The ribs are St. Louis style (pork and usually cut from spare ribs instead of baby back).  I prefer this cut of ribs because it’s more meaty and you get more bang for your gnawing time with baby back ribs.  The pulled pork is really wonderful as well so try that sometime as well!

This is the Combo Plate and I’m fairly sure it’s Mr. Wonderful’s as one of the sides is the Braised Collard Greens. This man loves his collard greens and always orders them at Iron Starr.

You can also see a side of Fancy Mac N Cheese hiding in the background.  I’m not sure what all cheeses are in this, but it’s like a cross between Penne Alfredo and mac and cheese, and my (grown) kids go wild over it.

On this plate, you can see the Dutch Oven Sweet Potatoes; kind of like a mashed sweet potato served with goodness like brown sugar and cinnamon mixed in as well.

Here is a shot of the sliced brisket plate. In the background, you can see what Iron Starr calls Cornbread and it’s jazzed up with some peppers and spices and it’s good!

I always order the smoked turkey and the Seared Green Beans.

I got the salad along with it and this is a great example of how you can eat healthy even at a BBQ joint, and I love this turkey so much…I’d love to take an entire breast home to eat during the week. It’s smoky and moist and wonderful.

Iron Starr also has a Gluten Free Menu if you’re trying to avoid gluten and that just segues right into something most certainly NOT gluten free…

This chocolate cake.

The birthday kid (or grownup) always gets this cake…the Giant Chocolate Cake to be precise, and it is, as the menu boasts, “a chocoholic’s delight”.  It’s definately enough for two, and if you’re as full as the five of us are after eating BBQ, five spoons do nicely!

If you’re hankering for some BBQ soon, and you want a cool place to eat at, try Iron Starr.

I bet it’ll become one of your family favorites as well!


Iron Starr Urban BBQ
3700 N. Shartel
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Here’s a map if you’d like to find this restaurant!

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  • Debra

    June 13, 2012 at 5:05 pm

    Dang it! I just walked in the door from OKC. Alas, I was with a work group at a conference and all they wanted to do was eat at the big chain restaurants! I wish I had found your site and restaurant reviews a bit earlier. (Notice they serve Coop and Mustang---always a plus!)

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