Inspirations Tea Room – Restaurant Review

November 25, 2009Katie

Location:  2118 West Edmond Road Edmond
OK 73003
Hours: Tues-Sat 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Phone (405) 715-2525
Cost Factor:  $$ to $$$

Taste Factor:  $$$$

Every once in awhile when the girls are both home from college, we go visit Inspirations Tea Room in Edmond.  This is an exceptional tea room, in my opinion.  The portions are generous, the decor is amazing and the service is fantastic.  AND, they have a huge selection of flavored teas that are always fun to try.

**Side note:  Conner and Mr. Wonderful won’t be caught dead here.

They don’t know what they’re missing.

Upon entering the tea room, you are met right inside the door with a rack of party tea hats.  Tori makes us wear these everytime we go.

That reminded me that I had pictures from when my mom visited and we went to Inspirations.

Tori picked the exact same hat this time…wierd!

Inspirations has a wide selection of teas to pick from and most of them you can have hot or cold.  You can visit their tea menu here.  After long deliberation, I settled for a white tea called Vanilla Grapefruit.  I don’t like sweet drinks, and it sounded perfect.  Sadly, they don’t carry it anymore and haven’t removed it from the menu.  I ordered a black Vanilla instead, and it was fantastic and came served in my own individual teapot. Kayla ordered the iced Vanilla and Tori got the Hot Cinnamon Sunset, which she said was like a red hot in a cup. Your waitress starts you out with with these darling little scones that are heart-shaped.  Sometimes they are cranberry, sometimes dried cherry.  Today I they just seemed to be plain, but always delicious!  I forgot to snap a picture until a bite was already taken out of all of ours…. They come with a little teacup of lemon curd and they are really good. I love lemon curd…have you tried this recipe?  It’s Fool-Proof Lemon Curd.

Both of the girls ordered the Trio ($13.99).  The Trio is your choice of one entree served with a scone, lemon curd, the soup of the day, house salad, dessert, and tea.

Each entree is garnished beautifully with a fresh flower, and pretty little teacup salad dressing cups.  Today’s soup was Tomato-Basil and it was really, reallyyyyyyy yummy.

I opted for just the Queens Quiche ($6), a vegetable version, filled with broccoli, yellow squash and asparagus,  and was pleasantly surprised that it came with fruit, cheese cubes, a little salad, and a fresh flower.  I might mention the servings are quite good here, in comparison with other tea rooms I’ve tried in the area.  They are generous with their sandwiches, salad and most everything else.

Included in the trio is a dessert.  Both girls opted for the Turtle Cheesecake over the homemade Peach Pie. In both their opinions, it was very good.  I didn’t believe them and had to have a bite, even though I was trying to resist.

Okay, I agree with them.  It was good.

After lunch, you can browse through their extensive gift shop.  They have a really nice selection of loose-leaf teas and tea pots and accessories. They also have jewelry, and other gifts.

Nice weather?  Come check out their covered patio and also their outdoor patio.

But if you have a little girl who has a birthday?

Get one of these hats.

And give her a party in this room.

It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

And the adult dining room is no box of rocks.

It makes you feel special…and ladylike…and it’s fun to do with your daughters.

Call ahead and request the gazebo table.  It’s super cool.

I know these two think it’s always special when we go there.

Looking for time with your special someone? Try the Two Hearts Inn Bed & Breakfast.  Also owned by Larry and Tamara Rhoads.  It’s a beautiful place.

I highly recommend Inspirations Tea Room.  You won’t be disappointed.  It’s a bit pricey, but is always great for that special girls’ day with your loved ones.  It makes ya feel so pampered.

And ladies…we all need that don’t we?

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