By Katie

There is a monstrous hole  under our fence in our backyard.


No, we don’t have moles…

We have DOGS!

AND we have neighbors who have dogs.

Most of the time, our dogs do this kind of errrrr….activity?



Maybe activity wasn’t the correct word.

Anyway, they are basically lazy little mongrels.

Until the girls come out to play.

The girls are Lucy and Ethel next door and they are my Godchildren.

I’m serious.

I once received a huge vase of flowers for Mother’s Day from them.

They are 2 Shih Tzu’s that live right across the fence, and boy are they adorable!

Our neighbors  Buddy and Becky adopted them when they were puppies. and they are also sisters.  These 2 have more fun than a child at Disney World when they come out to play.

And our dogs want in on the action.

The Dogs

Abby will sit and literally wait for them at the fence.


Look closely in the background well beyond Mr. Wonderful grilling.

So we have the hole.


Let me show you how “the hole” comes about…

Suddenly she appears.


Hello Lucy!

Oh good grief! I just love this girl!

Lucy’s sole mission in life is to get through that hole.  She looks to see if the coast is clear.


She struggles to wiggle through.  Sometimes she digs furiously.

Then Abby hears her friend, her neighbor calling to ….play?

Abby pounces at the hole, barking like a crazy fool.  Lucy disappears.


Then her head appears.  This time Max gets in on the action.


The hole is empty. again.  Will she be back?


The curiosity is just too much to handle…


And we begin all over again.

Our dogs take the scripture, “Love they neighbor as theyself”, a little out of context!

But they sure have fun doing it!

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