I Will Change

April 29, 2010Katie

by larry joshua glenn thompson

Meet Larry..

Larry is a young man who has faced many daunting challenges in his short lifetime and risen above them to become a leader.  The Larry I know is strong-willed and in a way that makes others change for the better.  The Larry I’ve watched over the past year has changed from a confused young teenager to one who knows what he wants and won’t let peer pressure hold him back.  He loves God and isn’t shy about telling you….Meet Larry…a true young warrior and inspiration to young men and women everywhere.  Larry likes to write poetry, or rap music…all of us have our own special gifts …listen to Larry’s.

I was a kid lost and alone,
I felt as if I was not known,
I heard my family fight in an unpleasant tone,
 I saw visions of the day I would die,
I feared I would never reach the sky,
I thought the answer was to get high,
 I need to change,
I am a young man found,
 I think this world is a heavy pound,
 I need to stay strong to carry this pound,
I tried to turn to God,
 I feel odd,
 I forgive myself with an accepting nod,
 I want to change,
 I will be a man who leads,
 I wish to be remembered for my loving deeds,
I hope to leave a legacy,
I fear no one will remember me,
I know i will make a difference,
I will change!
 -Larry Thompson
And another….
I’m sick and tired of dis back and forth
Gotta stay strong and move north
That means up
In da sky
Where i’ll be when I die

Can’t believe He gave His life
Even with all this strife
The world is fake
But His love’s real
Wats it gonna take
To make the deal

Give Him your life
And be blessed forever
Come on
we’ll do it together
– Larry Thompson

Every person has a way to reach others…Larry’s is poetry and rap…what is yours?  Make a difference in the world today with the talents and gifts you’ve been blessed with.


What’s yours?


  • Cheryl

    May 3, 2010 at 1:28 am

    What a talented young man, Katie! Blessings!

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