Okay after meeting three chefs in three weeks, I picked up on something.

They all wear chef clogs. 

And some wear pajama pants with their chef coats.  But that’s a whole other story.  How do you get to wear pajama pants to work? Just think of it – a bitter cold winter day…work, pajama pants, cozy socks and a pair of clogs.

Sure beats panty hose, I’ll tell ya for sure.

So, today I asked Chef Tom, when he appeared on the show for Deep Fork Grill, “Where do you get those things and how comfortable are they?” 

He told me they are the most comfortable thing you’ll ever wear on your feet and he is on his feet sometimes for 14 hours a day.

He told me he has Birkenstock Clogs..and I believe these are the ones he had on (Birki’s Profi- Birki Clog $88.95 on Amazon). 

Don’t be freaked out by the price because supposedly, these things not only are comfortable, but last forever. 

However, they leave a lot to be desired in the cute factor department.

So here’s what I was thinking. 

I cook a lot.  Sometimes, I stand on my aching feet in the kitchen.

What if, instead of chef clogs, I started my own line of Home Cooking Chef clogs, and made them in cute designs. 

Hey it worked for Croc right?  They went from these (I wear these to garden in, by the way). ..

To these….

Because, now I really want some chef clogs…but I want the cute factor!

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