I love me some cilantro.

Seriously, I put the stuff in everything from the normal -tacos, salsas and guacamole to the less thought of – salads, omelets and more. 

I have two problems with cilantro. 

 The first being that I have never been able to grow it.  I’ve heard it’s the heat here in Oklahoma, but I’m not sure.  I mean, this is a Mexican herb, shouldn’t it grow really well this close to Mexico?

The second is that it spoils really quickly in the refrigerator.  Our son Jason picked this technique up somewhere and showed it to us.

Start by taking 2 squares of paper towel but don’t rip the seam the joins them. 

Drizzle a little water over the paper towel then gently wring it out so most of the water is out but it’s still dampened.

Lay your paper towel completely open.

  Place the cilantro on the seam and then fold both sides around it, leaving the ends open.


It’s like a little cilantro burrito!

 Stick the whole mess inside of a gallon freezer bag.

Then zip the bag shut leaving an inch or two open for air to escape out of.

Then with your hands gently mash the bag pushing as much air as possible out of the bag.

Start pushing from the sealed end towards the zippered end and push all the air right out that space you left unzipped.

Then finish sealing your bag.

And this will make all the difference in the world in keeping your herbs longer.  Air is not the friend of freshness in the refrigerator so try this with the herbs you store.  The damp paper towel keeps the cilantro perked up with some moisture as well.

Try it today. It really works!

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