cutting strawberry hearts

Today’s tutorial is a simple how-to lesson on cutting strawberries into hearts.



And what kind of person would you be if you didn’t know how to cut strawberries into hearts?  Right?

Well, okay, you’d be just fine, but it really is a cute little touch of pizzazz when preparing something for your honey.

Remember last year when I made these simple Valentine Heart Brownies?

Valentine Brownie Hearts

I cut my strawberries for those just like I am teaching you today.

Cut off the end of the strawberry as close to the leaves as you can.

Photo Feb 01, 1 09 17 AM

Next, cut a tiny “V” in the end of the strawberry like follows…

Photo Feb 01, 1 09 35 AM

Then turn the strawberry so the point is in the air and the flat end you cut across with the “V” is on the cutting board. Slice straight down through the strawberry to the cutting board making thin slices.

cutting strawberries into hearts

And you’ll be left with nice little strawberry “hearts”!

strawberry hearts


The End!


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