Herb Fest and Other Projects!

May 24, 2010Katie

After what seems like a month ( I think it actually has been!) of bad weather weekends, we finally got to work in the yard and the garden beds this weekend.  Mr. Wonderful cut off about 25 branches off our monstrous tree that the storms had cracked limbs on, and I worked in my herb garden.

I have BIG plans for these herbs, as in using them in many of my dishes that we love around our house.  I planted plants for my early crop, and then will re-seed as summer goes by to get new and fresh crops of basil coming up throughout the summer.

I lost several of my perennials, like my rosemary and thyme.  No idea why and am looking into covering them this year during the winter season to give them some protection.

My sage came back full force from last year and needed to be staked. It’s flowering! I need to research if that’s okay.  Some herbs start withering after they flower.  I am going to try to cook Chicken Saltimbocca again now that I have fresh sage!

I planted basil, rosemary, thyme, dill , chives, and Thai basil. And I stuck some flowers in also, for good measure and prettiness.

I have mint and flat leaf parsley in pots, because they go crazy in your flowerbeds and I didn’t want them taking over.

I still need oregano and I’ll be scattering more basil seeds so I can make my usual 10 tons of Basil Pesto to store in the freezer for the off gardening months and LOTS of Bruschetta for dinner.  I can never have enough basil.

My Thai Basil has been planted for several weeks and doesn’t seem to be growing at all. I may need to replant in a sunnier location.  This is going to come in handy when we make Pad Thai or Jungle Curry.

We also did some of the main garden, which I’ll show you more of once it’s complete.  Sadly, my heirloom starters didn’t fare well through the hail and storms, so I’ll need to buy some plants somewhere.

Here’s a neat little project I’m working on.

The tops of those two taller bushes will be pulled together and wired together into an arch with a bird bath underneath, but first I’m going to let them establish their roots.

I still have a rose garden to plant, and lots of cleanup to do, but this weekend was a big start.

How’s your garden coming a long? I’d love to hear what you’re doing!

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  • Cheryl

    May 24, 2010 at 5:38 pm

    We are still working at getting all the veggies in and doing some major clean up. Everything looks wonderful, Katie!

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