This giveaway is now over! 

The nice people from Red Gold Tomatoes sent me this cute box of stuff lately.  Check it out by clicking Read More..and…there’s a giveaway involved!

Inside the box was all of this!

It was a kit that came with a model Chevy SSR car which tickled Mr. Wonderful pink on account of I LOVE SSR’s and want one (he doesn’t care for them).  I am a Chevy girl through and through, being raised in Michigan and all, and those babies have a corvette engine in them!

Mr. W doesn’t care for these and I just don’t get it!  And now he thinks he doesn’t have to buy me one because I have a toy one.  HMPH!

It also came with some cute stuff like a tote bag, a computer thumb drive, a cookbook, recipe cards, a refrigerator magnet, a magnetic clip, a keychain (also of the Red Gold SSR car) and…

The stars of the show – the tomatoes!  These tomatoes are delicious.  They are grown in the midwest under great conditions for tomatoes and they’ve been around since 1942!  I think you’ll love them if you try them!  if you’d like to read more about them and their products, click here.  If you’d like to have them at your stores and you don’t have them, suggest to your grocer to carry them!

While they sent a recipe book and cards, I opted instead to make Tomato Bisque with my tomatoes…

This was my grown up version of Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup!  Dotted with basil pesto, it was delicious!

Red Gold also offered to host a giveaway for TWO of my lucky readers! 

You will receive the same cute box of stuff that I did!

If you would like to enter the giveaway, just tell me what your favorite recipe is to make with canned tomatoes!  You don’t have to give the full recipe, just the name!  Shout it out to win!

The contest will end Wednesday, April 6th at midnight (CST).  The drawing will be held by random integer and you will need to leave your e-mail address to win so I can contact you.   The two winners will be announced on Thursday by noon!

Good luck!

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  1. I Love Red & Gold and have switched from all other tomato brands. I have even switched out Ro-Tel for Red & Gold tomatos with green chillis to make all my dips and chillis. The have more in a can and it is not all juice! I love them!!
  2. Katie, I've never even heard of Red & Gold tomatoes. Do we not have that product in Oklahoma? Or just not in O-town? LOL! I LOVE canned tomatoes. I use canned tomatoes in most everything I make. Recently I've used them in Baked Ziti and in a new spaghetti sauce recipe. I seriously NEED to try these. =) PS. Brett has an interview in OKC with Devon next week.
    1. I wanted to let Dawn know that you can purchase Red Gold products in the AWG stores. I hope this helps and you are able to try our products. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance. Red Gold Lady
  3. In the winter, when I can't get fresh tomatoes, I use canned to make our favorite homemade salsa.
  4. I love canned tomatoes. My most favorite recipe is a chicken tortilla casserole, yummy!! But I use them for soups, chili, and tons more. gr8fulg at
  5. I would use the toatoes to make Chicken cactiatore. It's almost like a stew in that I use chicken, tomatoes (or sauce), chinese cellophane noodles, green onions and a few slices of fresh gingerroot.
  6. I use alot of canned tomatoes. I love to make Restaurant Style Salsa. I make it and give to my kids all summer. Yum!!!!
  7. I like to use Red and Gold tomatoes when I make my Spanish chicken and rice. Yummy! I also use them in spaghetti sauce and when I make chili!
  8. I use canned tomato's to make goulash!,1728,128179-242198,00.html
  9. I use cannned tomatoes for my chili. I love making a hugh pot of chili. Planned-overs always taste better.
  10. Super GOLD Chili - made with Red & Gold tomatoes with green chilis and diced tomatoes with onion - and Blue and Gold Sausage! I add green pepper, celery, black beans and a can of beer - along with spices, and sometimes bloody mary mix! Yummy!
  11. One of my favorite recipes to use canned tomatoes in is skillet spaghetti, however I use canned all the time. :)
  12. Enjoy making any kind of pasta sauce with diced Red Gold tomatoes. The company is right here in Indiana, just north of Indy, so I feel like we are supporting an American company as well as a local company! :) It's all good...
  13. I use ALOT of canned tomatoes, but my favorite recipe for them is a spaghetti sauce I've been making since I was a teenager. It's a family favorite!
  14. I also use canned tomatoes in my chili, lots of them! I've never seen Red & Gold brand in my area in Kansas, but would love to try them based on the comments of others.
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