If you love to cook like I do you’ve done one of two things when it comes to garlic, peppers and onions.

#1 – You go to your local beauty supply and purchase a box of those disposable rubber gloves and use them to avoid your hands either smelling awful or becoming lethal weapons in regards to touching your eyes, nose or any other part of your skin that pepper residue tends to lend a hand to.

#2 – you either don’t buy the gloves, or you forget to put them on resulting in either smelly or fire-laced  hands that can ruin a day if you happen to touch your eyes or face.

Enter the brilliant Julia Child.

She had a long time coaching method of getting rid of the onion and garlic stink on your hands and it works fairly well for hot peppers also.

First start off by rinsing your hands in cold water. I’m not sure why cold but just do it.

Next, rub them all over the palm side of your hands with salt, fingers and all.

Finally, wash them again with warm water and soap.

Voila – that’s it easy peasy…and it did work for me. Try it for yourself!

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