The ladies over at the RHOK are doing McLinky Monday again..and the question is “What fright movie scares you and why?” 

Here is my answer.

Every fright movie.


If a scary movie promo comes on during a show I’m watching, I scramble for the channel changer and if I can’t reach/find it I start singing or something loud enough to not hear or see the commercial.

The first scary movie I ever saw about did me in.  It was 1980 and I think I was 13.  Yeah go ahead and do the math.  That makes me 43.

I don’t even want to post this picture on my blog.  Seriously.  I remember one night, my cousins and I were at our family cabin in Northern Michigan.  My aunts and uncles and grandparents had built a campfire and after roasting some s’mores, we told them we were “going for a walk”, when in reality, we were sneaking off in the boat.

On the lake.

In the dark with no lights.

And it wasn’t a fancy boat.  It was one of those row boats with a motor on the back. 

So anyway, we went out a little ways from the shore and just turned off the motor and thought we were so sneaky and cool.

And one of my cousins, Diane or Karen, started talking about Friday the 13th.  Remember the last scene of this movie? The girl floating in the rowboat, trailing her hand in the water to the sound of approaching police sirens. All is well, and then Jason comes crashing up out of the water at her?

And we all got super scared.  And then….


Something hit the water right by the boat (Some boys on the shore were throwing beer bottles at us).  My cousins Karen and Di are what you might call “faint of heart” and well, okay, maybe I was as well.  They screamed bloody murder at the tops of their lungs.

They woulda done the girls in the movie proud…you know how they always screamed that awful high-pitched scream in horror movies?

Anyway, we pretty much blew our sneaky endeavor at the point.  I think everyone within a 2 mile radius heard us and came running.

I can’t remember if we got in trouble?

I know I swore I’d never watch another Friday the 13th movie again..

That is until II, III, IV, V and VI through XXV or whatever the last one was came out.

And now?

In 2009, they re-invented the original.

I think the only thing that’s scarier than the original is the fact that I’m old enough to have lived through a redo of it.

How about you? Did one particular movie do you in for scary movies? Tell me about it in the comment section below!

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