My first harvest of my heirlooms.

Pictured above you will see Black Krim (the largest pinky/green ones).  These have been really prone to infections, either by bug or by disease.  Note the hole on the bottom side of the top left one.

The small red ones in the colander are Besser Cherry Tomatoes.  We have quite the abundance of these little darlings.

The front green tomatoes are green grape. We haven’t tasted these yet.

The front pinky red ones are Hank.

I plan on making a tomato salad featuring all the varieties soon with a new recipe! I have several new varieties that are almost ready to be harvested as well.

Mr. Wonderful keeps making cracks about the $300 tomatoes.  We’ve made new beds, seeded indoors, watered, fertilized, staked, watered some more and have about $10 worth of tomatoes so far.

Is it worth it?

I say yes…anyone who gardens knows what I’m talking about.  The satisfaction of knowing you put a seed in soil and harvested something out of the ordinary is what makes it special.

Now, if I could figure out how to set booby-traps for bugs and worms…

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