Yesterday, our weather finally got up above 50 degrees again.  It started me dreamily thinking about spring.

And my garden.

I miss my herbs.  This year I’m going to plant all of them by seed, because they just work really well and cost almost nothing to plant.  So due to the inexpensive seed factor, I’m going to plant everything I can dream of…like…

First and foremost – Basil.  I’m going to plant at least two varieties this year.  Without a doubt I’m putting in  Sweet Basil and Thai Basil.

Last year my basil was my pride and joy and I made more Pesto and Bruschetta than one family can handle.

I really want to try some Thai Hot Basil or Holy Basil, but I need to do some research to see if I can grow them here.

My next favorite herb is Rosemary.  For some reason my Rosemary didn’t come back this year.  I need to plant some more.

I love chopping this up and roasting potatoes with olive oil and the chopped rosemary.  In face, I made a potato salad out of this technique.

I also want Chives, Parsley, Mint and Sage.

I need to consult with Mr. Wonderful about the Parsley and Mint, however. They won’t go in with the rest of the herbs.  They need to be contained or they’ll go nutso and spread.  One solution is to punch the bottom out of a large pot and sink the pot down until the lip of the pot is level with the ground.  Then you plant your mint in the pot.  The walls of the pot contain it from spreading.

I also want oregano.

And Thyme.

And Dill.

And a new one to me, but one I truly love.

French Tarragon.

I can hardly get past the herbs fettish in my thinking, but also want to expand our heirloom tomato garden Mr. Wonderful built me last year and plant some other produce.  He wants a pepper garden.  I also want zucchini and garlic and cucumbers.

It’s only February.

I’m sooooo impatient!

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