See  those insane kids above?

I love them.  Absolutely love them.

They invade my home every week.  We cook for them.  We clean up after them.  And they give us back so much in return.  They are amazing!

It is our passion and we love it…join me for some insight on what we’ve learned from these incredible kids.  I speak from my heart, as a parent and someone who spends a lot of time working with teenagers.

Please leave them comments! Visit our wIrEd SaGes page to hear what God has put in their hearts to share. These are devotional thoughts straight from the mouth of teenagers!. Please click on the link below.


3-29-09 Acquire the Fire – A Miraculous Experience

4-13-09 Teenager Lesson #1 – Kids Need a Purpose

4-27-09 Prom the Way it Should Be

6-4-09 Girls Nite at Our House

10-20-09 Fall Youth Retreat 09

12-02-09 Teeneager Lesson #2 – Teenagers Need Boundaries

1-22-10 Teenager Lesson #3 -Your Teen Wants Your Time..Believe It or Not!

2-8-10 Big Game Day Craziness with the Youth Group

4-29-10 I will Change by Larry Thompson

5-7-10 Our House on Mondays – Teenager Invasion!

7/2/10   Teenagers, Competitiveness, and Mr. Wonderful’s Serve

7-25-10  Teenager Lesson #4 – Teenagers Need Encouragement

11-6-10 Compassionate Kids- SO Glad These Are Our Future!

11-24-10 Giving Thanks for Awesome Teens

1-9-11 Is Your House THE House?

4-10-11 Monday Night Monkeys