Date Night Sushi Making

June 27, 2012Katie


Mr. Wonderful and I still try to keep our once a week date nights.

This has been challenging in the past year, due to his job change and hours, but we know how important it is to the health of our marriage, so we keep trying!

This is one of our favorite things to do on date night when we just don’t feel like going out.


Make sushi at home.

Reason #1 it’s wayyyyyyy cheaper that going out for sushi. (You can make 10 large rolls for about $10, depending on what you get).

Reason #2 it’s fun!  You can custom-make your own rolls however you like!

Reason #3 I think he’s a pretty doggone cute sushi chef don’t you?

Sushi isn’t that hard to make.  It just takes some practice.

Cook some rice, mix in a little vinegar/sugar mixture, spread it on the Nori (seaweed paper) and layer on some toppings.

That one is mine..Mr. Wonderful said it looked like a sub sandwich by the time I got done.

Then you carefully wet the ends of the seaweed paper and roll it up, tucking the Nori over top of your fillings and letting it seal itself from the moisture.  You can or cannot use a mat (available at an Asian market for mere pennies) for this to help roll tightly.  Mr. Wonderful doesn’t like them and uses his hands, but I think I find I do better with one.

Next, you wet a very sharp knife, and slice the rolls into smaller pieces.

I’d recommend starting with the nori on the outside…the rice on the outside takes a bit more practice and a mat covered with plastic wrap.  Toppings and sauces can vary from Srirachi sauce to spicy mayo (Srirachi mixed with mayo) to my favorite – the ol’ traditional Wasabi mixed with lite soy sauce.  And get this – Mr. W likes Durkee fried onions on his for crunch.

The man has a crunch fettish I tell ya.

Mr. Wonderful definately has the better fine motor skills of the two of us…case in point, here are a few of his rolls.

Note the tight rolling and little mess.

And here are mine.

Note the bulging in the middle, a little skimpy on the ends and the rice stuck to the outside?

Yes, I need to use the mat.  But I did manage to make these inside-out rolls with a light coating of black sesame seeds.

It was a good date night.  Try it sometime!

Katie’s Printable Recipe – California Roll Sushi

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