A few weeks back my friend Kristy from one of my favorite places – t, an urban teahouse sent out a Tweet on Twitter that she had tea leaves for composting for anyone who needed them. 

If you don’t know, composting is nature’s way of recycling organic material back into the soil, enriching it as it breaks down.  My grandpa used to compost in a large crate in his backyard at our cabin in Michigan.  He’d toss in all kinds of fruit peels, vegetable scraps, leaves and even used coffee grounds. 

My Grandpa always had a wonderful thriving garden.

Anyway, I hollered quickly at Kristy to be put in the rotation and have since received 2 nice sized bag fulls of spent tea leaves from her.  The first bag was put in my garden where my tomatoes are now thriving beautifully.  I’m not kidding, they’ve grown 2 feet in a couple of weeks.

Spent tea leaves are the wet tea leaves that have been used to make tea.

Yesterday my folks picked up my second batch from Kristy and I added them to my herb garden, which has not been growing nearly as quickly as my tomatoes have.  I sprinkled the large sack of tea leaves around all my herbs

Can you see them?  I might add that after adding the tea leaves to my tomato garden, it smelled like Earl Grey and berries for a week!  Now my patio will as well!

After evenly sprinkling the tea leaves around my plants, I raked them under with a 3-prong rake.

You don’t have to work too hard…nature will begin to take it’s course.  This is fine.

Then I watered the whole bed with the sprinklers. 

I’m expecting these babies to take off like wildfire soon from the composting.  Thanks Kristy for the help with my garden!

If you have a teahouse nearby, ask them to save you their spent tea.  It’ll make your garden glow!’

And if you live in Oklahoma City, try t, an urban teahouse out…it’s delicious!  But don’t take the spent tea…it’s mine!

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