Mr. Wonderful and I have had a whirlwind few weeks complete with 2 of them having me severely down with the flu.  It was filled with three birthday parties.

And countless holiday parties.

We decorated 6 or 7 trees and the entire house.

It’s Christmas Eve and I just realized we didn’t take a Christmas picture for Christmas cards.

In fact, it also dawned on me we didn’t even send Christmas cards.

Ya know something though?

It’s ok.  There comes a point in the Holiday craze where you just have to say “enough is enough”.  One only has to visit the mall during this time to know that the Christmas spirit sometimes gets a little out of hand.

Our intentions are good.  Christmas is about giving and it dates all the way back to when God first gave us the gift of His only Son.  We in turn want to please those we love by giving them the things we think or know will make them happy.

But the truth is, we can overwhelm ourselves during this time to where Christmas isn’t even enjoyable anymore.  We cook, shop, wrap, address cards and wear ourselves plumb out in the process.

So if you didn’t receive a Christmas card from me…consider this my Christmas card to you.  I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and…

I give you permission to STOP the craziness, love your family, spend quality time with them and have a blessed holiday.  Cuz I am doing it as well! I am stopping, and enjoying a nice quiet night with Mr. Wonderful tonight with no running, or stress.

It’s okay if you didn’t get it all done.  Family, love and togetherness is what it’s all about.


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