Roasted Pork Loin and Autumn Veggies Sheet Pan Supper

Well, I decided I’d have to try out a sheet pan supper recipe and jump on the bandwagon. Boy am I glad I tried. What a revelation. What a delicious and easy meal. What a fantastic thing not have 90 pots and pans to wash! This week we have had rain, rain and more rain. […]

Bacon Green Chile “Jam”

Savory is the inspiration for this Bacon Onion Green Chile Jam recipe. I’m obsessed with savory. Upon reaching 40, my tastebuds somehow switched from  obsessively sweet and sugary to insanely in-love with savory. Give me the choice between a cupcake and a handful of smoked almonds, I’ll take the almonds every time now. Add to […]

Easiest Ever BBQ Ribs

These ribs are so yummy and… They were so easy! I saw them in Bon Appetit Magazine in my July 2012 issue and was reminded of my Grandma’s recipe for how she used to make BBQ the oven.  She used to lay them inside of tin foil, top them with sliced onions and lemons […]

Pasta Carbonara Casarecce- The Dish That Got Mr. Wonderful's Stamp of Approval

So a few weeks back at Whole Foods in Tulsa, I got this really cute pasta. I know, pasta is generally not thought of as “cute”, but I am a sucker for unique pasta in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Casarecce pasta, sometimes called “scroll pasta’ is one of those pastas designed brilliantly to hold […]

Bacon Mushroom Ragout

Ragout (pronounced ra goo) is nothing more than a cooked slow dish.  Technically, it is a stew involving something thick, rich and well-seasoned. It can, but doesn’t require meat. This ragout has the best of meats…bacon… and paired with the mushrooms? All is well with the world at this moment. Take 5 slices of bacon.  I […]