Maybe you have one of these little things stuck in a drawer in your kitchen.  They have all different sizes and shapes, but all of them basically do the same thing.

Slice eggs.

Maybe, like me, you resent the amount of space this little contraption takes in your valuable kitchen drawer space.

Maybe, like me, you want it to perform more than one task and not just set around getting rusty until your make a Cobb salad or egg salad? 

Justification is here!  

Try these uses for your egg slicer.  If you’re a mushroom lover like myself, and you buy non sliced mushrooms because, frankly, sometimes the sliced ones in the store a little pricier and look a little less fresh?

Use your egg slicer to slice them super quickly.

I think it took me all of about 30 seconds to slice this entire package.

Just make sure you take the mushroom off the top before opening again…

Or you’ll have a mess to deal with.

And BAM! You can knock out an entire bowl …….real fast!

Another use?

Strawberries.  Just destem and slice away.

Or if you place them just right, no need to de-stem!

Now, don’t you feel better about having that thing in your drawer?

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