We’ve lived in our house now for six years.

We’ve pretty much redone the entire house …except for the entryway.  I could live with it for so long..it wasn’t super horrible. And there were rooms that got priority attention…like the rooms we’d actually be in most often.

However, this walk-into-our-house space has NO entryway light fixture and we didn’t feel like messing with rewiring and such right now.  At night when guests arrive, it was not very welcoming and…

Very dark.

There is a double plug that operates off the lightswitch inside the door though, so we knew we could get an entryway table with some lamps and lighten the paint and brighten things up a bit in this long narrow strange entryway.

Did I say it wasn’t horrible?  Well, actually, yes….yes it was horrible!

Would you just look at that red mottled wallpaper?!!  I’m not going to lie to you that I hate the word “wallpaper” .  After stripping wallpaper that was probably original to the house 20 years ago, I seriously  never, EVER want to put up wallpaper again..just so I don’t have to strip it 20 years later.

Anyway, I spent the better part of two days stripping wallpaper.  We learned after the kitchen paper stripping that investing in a $50 machine to steam it off was a wise investment, but it took me two days as I came down with a nasty respiratory thing and just didn’t have the energy to go very long at the task.

FOUR days later, with fresh paint and a couple of new pieces for the entryway, it looks like this.

It started with a quaint little table we got last weekend at a furniture store.

And my friend Nancy and I had seen these lamps a few weeks back and I couldn’t get them out of my mind!

I love the crackle glass glow they give off…they are gorgeous!

And they border this pretty picture of a J (for Johnstonbaugh) that just works great in our entryway.

Now that coat rack to the left is going to my work office when I return to work…my dilemna? What to put in that corner?  I’m thinking maybe a giant urn type pot with some high feathery things sticking out of it? (Does that make sense at all?)

If you have any suggestions for additions, I’d love to hear them.  I am also thinking something for the center of the table..a bowl, or something in between the two lamps?

Would love to hear your suggestions on what to add in to this mix? Leave me a comment!

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