This weekend, we had Lil Bit for the day. It was gorgeous outside so Mr. Wonderful took her out to frolic in the Sun.


Not a word we’ve heard much of in this Midwestern state lately.

Incidentally, it will be 79º tomorrow and over the past two weeks, our kids have been out of school for a total of 7 days.

Only in Oklahoma.

Anyway, the two of them decided to play ball and commenced to kick and throw the ball back and forth to each other.

Well, okay, Mr. Wonderful was sitting down…what’s up with that?

And then, Lil Bit got herself miffed about something…I have no idea what. 

So she sat herself down and the lower lip started to puff out.

Her Papa tried in vain to get her to throw the ball.  But all he got was this.

Every good man out there knows that every woman out there has this stance and this look down pat.

They also know, when they get this look…. they’re in trouble.

Mr. W coaxed. 

He pleaded…

She stared at him, and thought real hard.

And just as quickly, the attitude disappeared.

And she delivers a winning kick to her Papa!


And her Papa, just like every good man does, doesn’t try to figure it out, he’s just happy he’s out of the doghouse!



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