Ajanta Cuisine of India

This may be the shortest and sweetest post I’ll ever do on a restaurant.  Specifically, the restaurant I’m briefly mentioning is Ajanta Cuisine of India at 122nd and N. Pennsylvania Avenue.

The reason behind my brevity is simply this.

I can only order one thing off their menu.


And it’s their Chicken Tikka Masala.

Photo Apr 24, 5 59 24 PM

Ajanta’s Tikka Masala is by FAR the best I’ve found.  I’ve tried ordering other things and I always regret it because I go with my friend Joy and she never strays from the Tikka Masala and then I envy her food the entire meal.  For the sake of our friendship, I stopped trying other things.

Never mind the fabulous Basmati rice they serve.  Or their delicious regular or garlic Naan.

Photo Apr 24, 5 59 09 PM (HDR)

It’s the sauce.  Yes, the sauce I splattered crazily over my plate in the haste to taste it.

Photo Apr 24, 6 00 55 PM

The luscious sauce, full of tomatoes and cream (or yogurt?) and spices…the spicy but creamy sauce is so good,  Joy and I crave it continuously and it has ruined us to Tikka Masala anywhere else in the city.

We frequently text each other things like:

“Is it the guy’s Bible study night? Cuz I’m craving Ajanta!”

I am slowly prying the secret out of the owner’s tight-gripped hands and last time we were there, we detected ground almonds in the sauce, and ..he confirmed!

I would order a bowl of just the sauce to dip my Naan in.

It’s that good.

The END.

Ajanta Cuisine of India
12115 N. Pennsylvania Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Here’s a map to help you find Ajanta and it’s fab Tikki Masala!

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