Dear Mr. Wonderful,

I could buy you a card, but that’s so…someone else’s words.

And hey, it costs $6.00 nowadays to buy someone else’s words.

So I’ll just put some of my own words down for you to read.

Thank you for being my Valentine.  Thank you for surprising me with roses and candy at work Friday.  You always know the perfect way to make me feel special.  I love that about you.

And you looked smokin’ in that suit you wore too!

And those chocolates blew my diet for 2 days.  I love them!

Thank you for always opening the door for me and dropping me off at the door as well.  In this day and age of lost-chivalry, I love that you do that.

Thank you for turning a flashlight on when I try to stumble thru the dark bedroom to the bathroom without my glasses on at night.  That may sound funny, but you are always so thoughtful.

I want to be more like you in that regard.

Thank you that you always put everyone in our family before yourself.  You are truly the vision of Christ loving the church.  I know you’ll always take care of us.

I love your heart, your love for God, and your gentle nature.  You are the greatest blessing God could ever give me in a husband.  I am thankful for you each and every day.

Will you be my Valentine forever?


Sorry, but those are the only 2 choices you’re getting!

I love you Sweetheart!

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  1. Thank you soo much for the kind words. You are worth every bit of my attention. God has given me a great responsibility in being a good husband to you. I love you and will certainly be your Valentine today, tomorrow, and forever!! Smooooch
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