“What?”,  you ask? What does this have to do with the whole “mother’s heart” thing?

The above picture is the result of a shopping trip this weekend for stuff for Kayla.


Stuff that is, for Kayla to go to college with. (By the way, can you believe the above picture houses $85 worth of stuff. What is the world coming to?)

GOSH, I’m already missing her and she still has 3 weeks left at home.  I know that the world awaits her talent and love.  I know there are people for her to touch and a message God has put in her heart….but…

Right now I am a mom who is thinking about missing her.

A parent shouldn’t have to do this twice in 3 years with BOTH their daughters.

This one left me 2 years ago.


She’s home for the summer, but she’ll be off again soon.

Pray for me…



An Almost Empty Nest

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