If you love to cook, you know.

You know that a kitchen gadget can make your heart sing.  It’s the little things…

Like this spice rack.


It sets at an angle and will fit in a drawer.  Because it’s at an angle, the bottom plate is magnetized.  And so are the spice bottles.   And they have neat see through labels. And yes, I did alphabetize them according to spice name.


Is that a birth order, second child thing?

Before I got this spice rack, all my odds-and-end spices were in a cupbard above the stove.  I had to dig through them above my head every time I wanted something.  And sometimes, it wasn’t pretty.  Sometimes they would fall in a pan…

Of food.

Of hot food.

Mr. Wonderful would look at me and shake his head and say…we need to figure out something to do with the spices.

And then I saw this this week.


And it made me very happy.

And there is peace in my kitchen again…and no more falling bottles of spices.

And all is well.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

Spice Rack on Foodista

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